Most companies who book us, use us for advertising a certain product or a promotion of some sort.

Keyrings for corporate events range from €3.00 to € 5.00 each depending on quantity sought.

To have a contact number for your company on someones bunch of keys all day everyday is a most valued asset, and because their own photo is on the other side its a guarantee that they will never throw it away.

We offer your company logo in gold foil print on each of our keyring sleeves which creates an advertisement for your company on the outside of every keyring we create for you.

Companies who have taken advantage of our top quality service include: 

  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • One4All
  • Liberty Insurance
  • and many more

Clikring give a substantial discount for quantity purchase.

A treasured & valued item for a long long time to come. Indeed advertising like that is not so easy to come by.

The secret to successful keyrings for your company event is to allow the cost of our products in your company budget for each member of staff to receive their own keyring.